Liam Neeson's Guide to Being a Good Commuter

Get on board with Liam Neeson’s Top 3 Rules to being a good commuter and make sure your commute goes better than his...

    Inspired by Liam Neeson’s nightmare commute, we surveyed the nation on their biggest commuter bugbears. See the top 10 revealed below… let us know yours at @StudiocanalUK

  1. Having to stand because there are no seats available
  2. People talking loudly on the phone on public transport
  3. People who take up an extra seat with their bag
  4. When buses or trains simply don't turn up
  5. Aggressive people
  6. People who push in when queuing to get on public transport
  7. People with little sense of personal hygiene using public transport
  8. People refusing to give up their seat for others more needy (e.g. older passengers, pregnant women, people with disabilities or those with young children)
  9. Drunk people
  10. People who listen to music (loudly)

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